Friday, 20 October 2017

Work begins!

Day 3, Sean Sam Barrett, Kate and Luke have written the blog while Sean sings about mango trees. 

We have just finished a strenuous day, filling the foundations of the toilet with spoil and water with the help of Dr San Bailey keeping everyone's water levels up and dictator Henderson successfully leading the tram and fundis (builders). Aimee lightened up the project with her multi coloured bucket hat. We scrubbed away the cement from the metal work in the cubicles of the nearly finished previous project. 

Afterwards we introduced a rugby ball to the children as well as bubbles and photographs, and watched how simple things meant so much. 

Even though the sand barely barely washed off, we took to the showers which were basically like giant IKEA bags where your head popped out the top and was an experience as said by Pieter. 

Helena, our cook, made her signature meal of rice and beans, which was delicious. During lunch we had social time playing cards. Where Sam Barrett got very intense playing spoons.  Sitting at a half termite eaten bench we conclude our blog with the words of simon "this blog better be up to up my standards"


  1. Many thanks for today's update and photos. Sounds like you're working hard and having fun. We don't see many sunhats though?!

  2. Glad to see you can all survive without mobile phones:)
    Gorgeous photos!

  3. “Dictator Henderson”? Yes Kate, there was a reason we let you go to Tanzania!!! We’re sure you’re organising everyone well and hope having a great time. X

  4. I take it “Dr San Bailey” refers to you, Samuel? Good to know you are keeping everyone healthy and hydrated. (I’m trying to figure out what is captivating everyone’s interest in the tree...)
    We are loving these blogs and photos. Many thanks to the authors.

  5. So I am wondering how many more days you guys can wear those T-shirts....super blog guys. thanks so much. and by the way this is not Isla's dad. it's your mum.xo

  6. Hi Harri & Co, keep up the good work and let’s see what the T-shirts look like by days 5&6. Loving the natural, no make up beauty regime girls!
    Love Mary & Mark xx

  7. Let's see some work pictures. We need proof! Don't let Dylan near a razor...

  8. Great to hear you're all working hard and thanks for the updates and brilliant photos. We are looking forward to hearing Sam on the spoons! Ros

  9. Hi Luke and Friends
    Glad to see the blue sky! We have Storm Brian here instead.
    Good to know you have a "working" shower!
    Love to see a photo of you all in action.

  10. Hi Ben and all! Great photos and news. Looking forward to some "working" photos...... Ps dad said to tell you Chelsea won 4-2 (but lucky!) today. Xx