Saturday, 21 October 2017


 Shikamoo mama na baba! 

If you don't want to google translate it it means "mother father, can I wash your feet?" (Don't expect us to do it when we get back!). Here, this is a typical greeting to our elders, and we learn't this yesterday in our Swahili lesson from our interpreter Yohannah. 

Yesterday ended with our first sighting of the meteor shower, and although we didn't see any meteors, there was no light pollution to block the starlight, and the night sky was extraordinary. 

As well as taking lessons in Swahili (today was numbers!) we also worked with the fundi to start laying bricks. The hard work was broken up by a break at half ten, when our cook Helena made us some fantastic chapattis. 

As it's a Saturday, the kids weren't in school so Gendi was at its most peaceful. 

Dylan was a very charismatic dictator today as our site foreman, whilst Bea did her duty as the site medic. Builder(s) of the day was Dylan (according to Dylan) and Ben and Sean (according to Ben and Sean).

Although Simon wouldn't sweep, and Sam was too noisy playing spoons, we had another wonderful day; and remember: "Have a brick, have a kit kat"


  1. Very proud of you!
    What an amazing experience!
    God Bless!

  2. Hope you're all coping with the heat and hard work. Enjoy your day off on Sunday. Cats are missing you, Simon.

  3. Wow, you are all working hard! Very impressive indeed. Samuel: “Ninafurahi sana na wewe!” (A little Swahili for you to translate).

  4. From your Dad: “Hi Samuel! That is a lot of bricks waiting to be laid. Keep up the good work!”

  5. Hi Bea being the medic sounds good - lay some bricks too!love Mum and Dadx

  6. Jambo Kate! Hope you are enjoying your brick-making, it looks like giant Lego to us. You’re missing the storms in Aberdovey but everyone here says hi x

  7. You guys available to build that extension we have been talking about for years? We have been looking for reliable builders....

  8. Hallo Pieter,
    Ziet er mooi uit waar is je shirt!! Wij zijn saamen in lboro groetje van ons allemaal.
    Dikke knuffel
    Megan xx en mama en papa

  9. Hi Bea - great job!!! Hope you are all enjoying your experience of a lifetime. Writing this from the Hunny Bell! Mum xxx

  10. Dyl: Remember to keep the VAT receipts from Wickes, I can run them through the accounts.


  11. Hope it's going well, Fin. How are the mozzies out there? You'll be disappointed to hear you missed a trip to Chartwell today ;-)