Sunday, 22 October 2017


Thinking we'd have a nice lie in on our rest day, we were abruptly awoken by Jack at 6 in the morning to get ready fir church. Shirts and sarongs at the ready, we set off on our 10 minute walk up the hill to church where we joined the congregation. 

After church it was time for SDC Tanzania's a cappella rendition of 'Stand by Me' by Ben E King. The locals appreciated our efforts and we were wildly cheered. We exited the church and once we'd shaken the entire congregations's hands, we entered into a Tanzanian market auction to help raise money for the bishops house. 

After missing the opportunity to purchase a live chicken for £3, we eagerly started bidding on bananas with Pieter, Ben and Sean winning a tense bid to claim some bananas for the boys. To our surprise, the community then started bidding on our behalf. Considering the locals don't have much, this selfless gesture was deeply appreciated. 

Once we returned from the church we had a rest where some of the girls desperately tried to tan (Fiona to still no success) as the boys played rugby with some of the local children. However, the highlight of the day came after lunch when we took a trip out of Gendi Primary School and went and visited a school that LTT had worked with for over 5 years. Seeing the changes made to classrooms and the introduction of innovative farming methods to help the school run efficiently helped provide perspective to all our hard work at Gendi as we can see the bright future the school has. We then continued onto Lake Babati where we had a cold one (a non alcoholic beverage) alongside the waterfront. Some of the group played  uno whilst the big dogs played 'Boere Bridge' (Farmers Bridge). Julian, the founder of LTT popped by to say hello after a 60 hour trip from Mexico City before we travelled home to a lovely cooked meal from Helena. 

Having charged up our batteries we are ready for another day of project tomorrow. 


Pieter, Fiona & Dylan

We now have some personal messages from the team:

Sam Bailey: Hey guys, in case the blogs haven't covered it, Tanzania has been awesome. We went to the community church today, and after some hecty auctioning we cane back with 70-80 bananas, which will probably open after we leave. So rest assured I'm spending your money on useful stuff. But anyway, I hope things are going well over in Britain. Lots of love Sam Bailey. 

Aimee: Hi mum, dad, Max (+ Tilly). Hope everything's going okay. A teacher is reading my favourite book (Sapiens)- very exciting. I've been having a great time and I'm not finding the work/heat too strenuous. Missing you, Aimee xoxoxo

Bea- hi mum and dad, all is well Herr in Tanzania. Hope that the cats are well and that you are both enjoying Norfolk. Also happy birthday dad for Monday xxx 

Fiona- hi mum and dad, bumble and the chickens. Having a great time Herr its a crazy experience and I can't wait yo tell you about it and shoe you pictures. Hope you enjoyed Scotland. Lots of love, Fiona xxxx 

Finlay-  cher parents, y'escrit comme ça come il va avoir des autres qui font essayer de line ceçi, alors he be veut pas qu'ild comprends. Iin'y a rieu qui m'embete, say que le norriture eat toujours le même. Led chaleurs sont en peut come check nous, et c'est plus grain led watirs. So it's vent metre quelque chose our le blog, eint le dans le men league parcel que led proys lit led messages a tout le monde. Quand je retourne preids does bonbons ou quelque comme çu otp. Aussi quand tu recevoi cette message, c'est led proq am copie le message on a mobile (et excuse les rauwains most come j'ai due escibe ça vachent plus vite que he voulu. 

Sean- ciao, wishing you the best as I continue on this exceptional experience. Loving the food but I cannot wait to have a huge bowl of your pasta (mum). I feel very at peace and don't want to go back. Hope you are good, to mum dad and Martha. See you soon. 

Ben- dear mum dad and Lydia. Hope you're having a good time without me and mum hasn't tried yet. Its fantastic over have but its a definitely a strange experience without a phone! The food here is good, which is vital for me of course, curries every night so it is a little repeititve. Anyway I'm embracing the hot weather and I hope Lydia hasn't gone mad being the only child. love from Ben xxx

Simon, hi mum and dad, hope the cats aren't missing me too much. I'm having a great time, its such an amazing experience. The heat isn't too much and the work is good fun! See you soon, simon xxx 

Isla- hi mum dad Jake. It would be great to hear a couple more updates from you guys. (Careful comments get read out to the whole group!) Missing home but can't say the same about the weather. Lots of love and see you soon, Isla. 

Sam barrett- hi mum and dad things are fine on my end. Went to church today, not sure what was happening but they didn't manage to convert me. Beginning to struggle with food, people keep talking about all the stuff they want but I keep thinking about roast chicken in particular, cough cough. Love you lots.

Kate- hi mum. Dad, Max and Bea. I'm absolutely loving it here- its amazing here including my exciting experience with a giant spider inside my mosquito net. I hope you guys are enjoying Scotland/ Wales/ Nottingham and I'm missing you all  and mums cooking (as well as G, Ethan and Lara) love you all xxx

Harriet- hi mumma dad and lyden, having a great time and I'm feeling right at home. Missing you all, not sure how Lyndon is coping being an only child. I'm also missing a proper brew of tea and of course Popeye. Love you lots and see y'all soon. P.s. tell Rebecca I'm missing our face times. 

Peter R- hi mum and dad, I'm hoping a great time here just had a day off, gone to church and to a great lake. The heat is OK now, and the whole thing is amazing., with great progress being made on the project, hope you had a great birthday mum! Love peter xx 

Pieter s- dear mama and papa, Tanzania is a beautiful country. Waking up at 6 in the morning is almost bearable when its 20 degrees. The people are so kind as they look after their guests. The work is going very well as you can already see the toilets taking shape. As commercial as the premier league is it hasn't quite reached babati, what happened in the premier league this weekend? Megan, how is the north?hope the house isn't too quiet. Love Pieter. 

Luke- hi mum and dad. Say hi to Paul for me. Miss you all. I will make this short. I am fine and goodbye. 

Dear parents. Its been a fantastic first five days. The group have all worked exceptionally hard and gelled together. The toilet block is being built at a rapid rate and the food is being demolished equally quickly. Its great to heat the comments from family and friends so please keep it up. Miss Charleton and Mr cox


  1. Finlay, je vois que ton francais s'ameliore en Tanzanie :) pas de probleme, je t'acheterai des bonbons a ton retour! Nous sommes fiers de toi et de ce que toi et ton groupe faites la-bas. Continuez a nous donner des nouvelles et des photos please! Je t'embrasse, maman xx

  2. Hi Peter, Good to hear from you and glad it is all going well. Enjoy your time there - look forward to hearing more... M&D (&A)

  3. Hi Ben, great to hear your Sunday news and your message. House has been very quiet this weekend - nan sends her love and wanting constant updates. Lydia missing you as are dad and I. What an amazing experience you are all having. Keep up the good work. Lots of love mum dad and Lydia xxx

  4. Hi Samuel!! It is wonderful to get a direct message from you! So, Tanzania is awesome, is it? I have to say, the photos look incredibly exotic. From the sound of some of the other comments, families seem to have taken this opportunity to take a trip somewhere. Your father and I considered that, but in the end, we went for a walk in the countryside (Friday) and then out to a dinner and movie (“The Mountain Between Us”—which is the first movie we have ever seen with a connection between Idaho and London). Hannah says to tell you “hi” and she wondered where your blue shirt went.
    BTW, good SAT scores—no need to do that again. Love you lots & lots, Mom

  5. From Samuel’s Dad: “Hi Samuel! Good to see you laying bricks. I have some in the garden that you can do when you come home and are missing Tanzania. Looking forward to the building going up this week (will it?). Do you have to order the plumbers weeks in advance? Take care, love, Dad”

  6. Dear Isla, It is wonderful to get a personal message from you. We are really impressed. I am posting St Dunstan updates on facebook and you all now have lots of followers. We miss you lots. The house is very quiet. Dad and I spent yesterday in town and went to see a wonderful art collection near Bond street. I saw Rembrandt's self-portrait and one he did of his son and they looked so alike. You would know they were father and son. Albi is pining for you. She keeps jumping on my lap and purring and looking for cuddles. The weather here is rainy - just as you like it. Tanzania looks magnificent. Such a beautiful country. You are so lucky. Although it looks like you are working so hard you don't have a lot of extra time. Enjoy yourself. We are really jealous! lots of love mum and dad

  7. Hi Sean,
    It is lovely to hear from you :) and being reassured that you are well and enjoying your amazing trip.Make the most of this experience.
    I have see in the photos that you have a tan, please use the sun protector please.
    Playing rugby with the local boys..... what a wonderful ideas:)
    We are all very proud of you and admire your dedication to spend you half term holiday working hard for the Babati community . Well done to all your team.
    A special thanks to Miss Charleton and Mr Cox to look after you all.
    Ieri siamo andati a Exeter, Martha e Petrr si sono lasciati. Martha e molto triste . Quello stupidì l’ha tradita, glielo ha detto e adesso ti puoi immaginare. Continua a chiamarla perché e pentito. Martha ti manda tanto amore.
    Ti vogli tanto bene e mi manchi tantissimo ❤️

  8. Hi Aimee it's mum and max here we are very proud of you and all the others for all you hard work. Did you get the notes? Thinking of you always mum
    Max: lol mum didn't know how to comment so I had to help her

  9. Hi Kate, (from Mum): Kate and pals it looks like you are having an amazing time. Think this is the quietest half term I’ve ever had, hurry home 😜 x

  10. Great to read all the reports about Gendi. Sunday likes it was a fun day. What’s standard of “boeren bridge” like? Anyone ready to take me on? Papa hasn’t updated all the premier scores yet. I do know Everton lost again and are in the relegation zone along with CP. have a great week.

  11. Hi Bea well for Pieter Chelsea won 4 2 against Watford but it was not easy and Palace lost 1 0 in the last 5 mins to Newcastle - aarrgghhh! Norfolk is very peaceful sunny wet and quiet. No street lights here in this village so great stars and sky. Thank you for my birthday wishes and sweet card. Mum is now on google + so get ready! Love Dad x

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Isla,
      You forgot your eyeliner. Same old here - The Queen is still on the throne and Trump is still tweeting. With half term upon us I feel cheated, you're not here for me to enjoy not having to drive you into school every morning.
      I hope you're enjoying the night skies? You (and your friends) can do me a favour, as I'm probably too ancient now to get to the southern hemisphere. The two Large Magellanic Clouds might be visible from where you are. These are two neighbouring (dwarf) galaxies that are visible to the naked eye. Look directly south (to the left of the Milky Way) after 9.30pm, if you're able, and you may just make out a small, milky star cloud near the horizon. The other one may be too low down to spot. Good luck. If you see it then I'll be content and be less grumpy in future. Looking forward to the next update.
      Love Dad
      Ps. Don't worry we'll replace your Ferrero Rochers
      PPs. We promise not to watch the new Stranger Things until your return.

  13. Hi Simon, fantastic to read your message to us and hear that you’re having a great time. It all sounds amazing. Seeing the photos and reading the blog every day really gives us an idea of what you’re doing. May be that bit of plastering you did in the back bedroom wasn't wasted effort afterall. Glad to see you’re working hard, learning Swahili and enjoying the experience! Are there also photos of you all playing with the children, eating and relaxing? What are you having for your meals? The cats are both fine. Viel Spaß und bis nächste Woche. Tschuß! S+K, B&Z

  14. Hey Harri, Glad to hear you are all doing well and having fun. I'm assuming you were not part of the Banana negotiation? We have just had a few days in Aldeburgh with Uncle David, Oakley and Auntie Anne- nice and relaxing with lots of great food ....
    Can't believe you have been gone nearly a week- time going so quick. Lots of love Mum xx

  15. Hey Sam,
    Glad to hear you were mystified by church. Are we going to save some money on plumbers when you're back! We are also struggling with the food in Namibia - so much steak every night we don't know what to do with ourselves. Bored with cow now so moved on to Oryx.
    So you can rely on having a few chicken roasts when you're back, so long as you play those spoons for us!
    Love Dad and Nadia

  16. Hi Luke
    We were thinking of you when we were in church on Sunday too. Glad you have a taste of how other cultural celebrating Christ.
    Do work hard as your hard work will make a significant improvement in the lives of the children. Will keep praying for you all.
    Love from Mum, Dad and Paul.

  17. Hoi Pieter, you lost last weekend, 5-4, because Liverpool was terrible, and I helped the Diamonds win 3-2. Ars trounced the blue Liverpool team so London 9 v Merseyside 3. I now like Huddersfield as they beat MoanU. mCity is walking away with it,25, Spurs + MoanU 20, Chelsea +Ars 16. Bottom SWA, WHU, Sto, Eve with 8, BOU with 7, CPA with 3.

  18. Dylan

    Send us a message and take us through that goal in detail. You will be glad to hear that after 3 weeks we finally have HOT WATER in the house. Lily and Joss came over last night, Lily's 23rd. they are going to NFL at Twickenham at the weekend, but didn't ask us.

    Mum and dad (in the bath)