Friday, 27 October 2017


Yesterday afternoon’s sport took its toll as we all awoke a bit tired. Following the exotic addition of pineapple to the porridge spirits were lifted as work began on painting the girls toilets and plastering the hand washing station. 
Finished the painting of the girls toilets whilst the washing station was also fully plastered. 

After a lovely lunch from Helena and an interesting debate with Julian from LTT, we took a short walk to the local private secondary school. At singe school we had the opportunity to socialise with Tanzanian school children the same age as ourselves. The tour they took us on of their impressive school showed us how the building blocks we are laying through building a new set of suitable toilets can act as a springboard for gendi school to transform into a school the standard of singe. 

Being able to talk to school children our age provided a unique opportunity to understand what life was like for a Tanzanian teenager and the afternoon was rounded off through a game of volleyball and basketball with Sean's team finding a common goal to motivate themselves, they ran out 2-1 winners against miss Charleston's team (who despite being outnumbered 9 players to 6, won the second set comfortably taking it to a tie break best of 5 to finish, which they were unlucky to lose). Whilst in the basketball Dylan claimed himself to be the best player. 

This relaxed way to socialise with our hosts provided the perfect ending to a full day. Quote of the day: " Aimee say something funny" Aimee "something funny"

Ps photo of Helena as requested!!


  1. Lovely to see a photo of Helena, at last. Sounds like you all had a good day, mixing work with play and gaining more insight into life in Tanzania. Can't wait to hear all about your impressions and experiences when you get home, Simon. I'll make sure we have plenty of porridge for you! Hoping for lots of photos tomorrow so we can see all your hard work and more of your Gendi hosts.

  2. Hello Helena! Thank you so much for making wonderful food for the St Dunstan’s visitors! Clearly you have made an impression on them.

    So, Samuel and all, tomorrow (Saturday) is your last day in Babati, right? Then the safari, then working your way back to the UK. I’m sure you will all be sad to leave Tanzania, but we are all eager to have you home and hear your experiences first hand (and see more PICTURES!). No doubt you will arrive back to St Dunstan’s on Tuesday morning tired but thrilled that you had this experience.
    Samuel...interestingly, Judith just called from California! She was asking for various details re: the letter for you (though she has already submitted it to the Common App). We had a wonderful (and long) conversation. I think that she would definitely love to have you back at the USPA next summer.

  3. Hi Isla,
    Jake here, been following the blog- Looks like good fun, gotta admit that I'm a little envious. Can't say that statistics is as exciting as traipsing through the brush. Looking forward to having you back though ^^

    Not going to lie, I'll be grilling you on your trip when you get back, so prepare yourself!

    In the mean time we're totally not watching Stranger Things without you, so... Don't worry?

    Lotsa love,

  4. Hi Isla, Mum here. That cake looks amazing. Please pass our thanks to Helena for all her wonderful cooking. I thought you guys were going to send loads of pictures today! as another parent said on a previous post these are really the highlight of our days. We want to see the result of all your work before you go please. I am so looking forward to hearing about everything. I suspect the safari will be super amazing. the only big news here is that Jake came home tonight. It will be wonderful to have both of you back. big hugs. love mum

  5. Aimee has got a great sense of humour,she's half Irish !! ,what's a ghosts favourite plant ?BAMBOO! I rest my case ! Have u heard her cheese jokes ? Can't wait until you all get back ,Savour every moment of the safari , cherish

  6. Pineapple on porridge? I'm not sure Tanzania has quite got to grips with the program. Isla, sort them out.

  7. Hi Luke,
    Greetings from Austria, we are on our way to an ice cave, with T AND a A, see you soon.

  8. Hi Kate, hope you have a great time on safari - don't scare the animals! Looking forward to seeing you, although we're having a great time in Edinburgh x

  9. Hi Bea - Be sure to savour every moment of your final day in Babati. So proud of everything you and the rest of SDC Tanzania have achieved out there. Enjoy the safari - it will be amazing! Looking forward to hearing all about your experiences. Big hugs, Mum xxx (and Dad - CPFC at home to West Ham today!)

  10. Luke. Hi. Soak up the riot of culture, colour, food, language and encounter - Tanzania is a great experience - have fun on the Safari. Later. Dad.

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  12. Hi Ben, hoping you are all making the most of your last day and the sun is shining - what a lovely photo of Helena the kindness on her face says it all. More photos please before you all leave to enjoy your well earned safari. We are so proud of all of you and sure these memories will last a lifetime. Dad managing to interrupt our holiday to catch the Man U v. Spurs match! Miss you. Love Mum and Dad xx

  13. Hi Fin, hope you are all good? You missed an exciting trip on the London Eye yesterday... suspect you will get over that pretty quickly. Weather is turning cold here, that'll be a shock to the system when you are back! Enjoy the last couple of days and the safari and see you in a few days.

  14. Dear Sean,
    Helena’s smile says all. She looks and sound a lovely person. I think you forgot to bring a photo of your family. Give my love and thank her for looking after you. Did you share your culinary secrets with her?
    Wish you all to see lots of wild animals ...perhaps even the wild rhino 🦏 .
    Love you xxx mum