Sunday, 29 October 2017


From Inspire Leader, Megan:

Our final morning at Gendi was full of mixed emotions; sadness at leaving behind a place we had come to call home but also excitement as we ventured forth to Taranagerie National Park for the eagerly anticipated safari. 

After quickly packing last bits and pieces and a speedy breakfast of honey, bread and fruit we said goodbye to Gendi and were on the road by 6.40am, heading to our safarai destination...Tarangerie National Park! 

The sights we saw on safari surpassed all our expectations. The team couldn't quite believe our luck as we spotted not one but countless elephants, lions, giraffe, buffalo, ostrich, zebra and wilderbeast to name just a few! The Lion King really had come to life on the savannah of Tarangerie. 

On our way back from safari the team stopped off at the Masai market to pick up some souvenirs, before checking into our home for the night, Twiga Lodge. 

After a well deserved final meal we reflected on a fantastic trip and all we have achieved so far. Another early morning awaits us tomorrow as we squeeze in a visit to Lake Manyara before heading to the airport to begin out journey back home.


  1. Hi Bea. What an experience. Enjoy your final few hours in Tanzania. Looking forward to having you home again. Mum and Dad xxx

  2. Amazing. Isla you have finally realised your dream! what fabulous pictures. The only bad news is that we did watch two episodes of stranger things. and we may get through another one before you get back. So you know what you have to do when you get home! seriously though, I really hope you have a wonderful last day at the Lake and see loads more wildlife. It won't be quite as exciting back here for you. But we will be very excited to see you. Have a great day and safe journey back. love Mum

  3. Dear Sean, I am so happy you have seen all these wild animals here the only beast is Pippa :)
    Can’t wait to see you.
    Enjoy your last day !
    Mum xxx

  4. Hi Harri, what a fantastic way to finish this amazing trip. Looking forward to you coming home. Safe travels mary xxx

  5. I looked up Twiga Lodge; looks like a fantastic place for a last night. Lucky people.

  6. Jealous. Enjoy the lake today and safe journey back everyone! See you tomorrow morning, no doubt fully refreshed after a good night's sleep....