Monday, 23 October 2017

Rain.. in Africa??!

After a night of torrential rain and winds, the force of which threw our showers to the ground, we all woke up a little disgruntled.

The rain managed to haunt us throughout the morning, as we had to halt work ad a result, although this made us feel even more at home surrounded by seemingly British weather. 

However, we didn't let the weather dampen our spirits, with our site foreman Peter directing us through more brick lating and sanding of the walls of the girls toilets to then be painted. 

With our medic Dr Islan commanding us to shout 'ENERGY!' every 15 minutes we powered through, as well as an ensuing game of assassin keeping everyone alert. 

As we stopped for another break the dinner team arrived in time for some mandazis, bringing mangos, tomatoes, eggs and cloth from the market. 

After getting some more work done and having some delicious lunch, Julian, the founder of LTT, spoke to us about how the charity came about and the importance of working with communities to help them become self-sustaining. 

The day was rounded off with a walk around Gendi, seeing where the community lives. On our return to the school, the girls played netball and the boys played football with the 150 children, and Dylan scores a 'banging' goal. The children are now starting to remember our names, and we definitely feel at home. 

By Bea, Peter and Finlay.


  1. Wow the progress on those walls is incredible. Imagine how high they would be if it hadn't rained. I am guessing that the aftermath of rain will be lots of mosquitoes. watch out. And too bad about the clouds. Does this mean you cant see those stars dad told you to look out for Isla? fingers crossed for a dry night tonight. xoxo

  2. From Hannah: “Hi Samuel! Impressive looking brick wall you got there. I’m not doing anything terribly interesting—as per usual. Just thought I would say Hi!”
    From Mom: “I thought that I would be so productive while you were away, but Hannah seems to be hogging the time. And, work is pretty frantic this week. Your father brought in 3 pumpkins from the garden so I am trying to think of things to make...pumpkin cookies, pumpkin soup, pumpkin casserole.
    Oh, BTW, I have an interesting meeting scheduled for you with a rep in London who Ron Rogowski has put me in contact with. Could be very helpful. One letter down (a very good one) for UNCSA, but I may need to pester R.
    I’ve been meaning to ask...reading any of the books? Using your bug spray? Taking the AM tablets daily?
    Love you lots & lots,
    From Dad: “You didn’t need to go all the way to Tanzania to get the rain. But I suppose the British are experts at building in the rain. Keep up the good work.”

  3. Amazing progress on building those walls - despite the rain. Well done, everyone! It would be good to see some photos of you playing with the village children.

  4. Wow, excellent work!
    Mind the mosquitoes please! Long sleeves and repellent.
    Prevention is the key.
    I suppose you are really experiencing every side of Africa even torrential rain. You should have brought waterproof.
    Miss you a lot Sean xxx

  5. Ah, bless the rains down in Africa.... sounds like you need a hundred men or more to do the things you’re meant to do....
    So did you stick to the netball Kate or also show them some rugby skills?! X

  6. Hi Bea, well done to you and the rest of Team Tanzania on those walls - seriously impressive workmanship!! Dad and I are just back from Norfolk where there was plenty of British rain on Sunday which we chose to pass on a 3 hour walk through the countryside, and ducked into a medieval church or two. L & A's house is gorgeous and the village picture perfect... Pippin and Romeo made the most of our absence and brought Rosie the cat sitter a squirrel. She decided this might be because they were hungry and proceeded to give them all the cat food she could find. Their plans were soon thwarted however as Monday night's present (a rat left at the bottom of the stairs) was met not by Rosie but by Dad and me who know better than to fall for those tricks. Needless to say war rations have resumed. Keep up the great work!!! Lots of love. Mum xxx

  7. Hi Ben, well done to you and the team on those impressive looking walls - dad reckons you must you must have used a spirit level! Hope you remember your malaria tablet today?! We are sitting in BA lounge waiting for our flight - thinking if you were here we would know what type of plane and seat configuration ... Keep up the good work we are so proud of you and miss you loads can't wait to hear about your most amazing trip! Hope the sun is shining today ☀️☀️Love Mum and Dad xx

  8. Great to see the wall progressing so well. A real team effort.

    1. Wat Sto, wba MCI, Bou Che, BRI sou, LEI eve, bur new. Take lawro?

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