Thursday, 19 October 2017


Day 2 off to an early start (for some). Unfortunately Fiona and Harriet made the rookie error of mistelling the time and were convinced it was 7.30am and everyone else was late. Infact it was only 00:30am and proceeded to pack, shower and wake all the girls, and spoke to a very confused receptionist before realisation hit. 

We had breakfast in a beautiful hotel with a monkey and luscious grass, our last bit of relative comfort. 

A 4 hr drive through the Savannah. Ben and Pieter spent the journey bickering about football and planes, and Sean was obsessed with Masai cows. 

We then arrived at Gendhi and welcomed by 700 excited students chanting "welcome to our school and we love you" in Swahili, which was extremely heartwarming and welcoming. They also sang the national anthem and we went on a tour of the school. 

We were shocked by the cramped classrooms used by 90 students yet even in these conditions they were all happy to see us. 

The 6 toilets currently in use stank and were extremley unhygienic especially the pit that remained of the boys toilets (which had collapsed). 

The welcoming ceremony consisted of local representatives, a bishop, parents, the headteacher, the education board, teachers and students. We sang and danced with the kids (Simon was by far the best) and twerked for a long time. 

The kids laughed at our dance attempts! 

We were touched by the huge efforts from the community which included a delicious lunch spread and lots of dancing and speeches. 

Today was principally used to as a day of greeting and settling in (setting up mosquito nets and makeshift curtains made from rice sacks!). We relaxed in preparation for our first full day of work, eating a big supper and getting an early night! 

Written by Harriet, Simon and Aimée.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I wish I was there. lots of pix of the students from gendhi as well please and of the dunstonians at work. Reading about the things that you guys will be doing gives me a real sense of excitement. And this picture is brilliant. I can almost feel the twerking! Thank you

  2. It's good to see photos of the Gendhi students as well as Team Tanzania. It all looks very colourful and welcoming. Thanks for sharing and good luck with starting work!

  3. Nice photos,
    Sean you haven’t brought sunglasses.
    Hope you manage to buy a cheap pair .
    Miss you lots

  4. Hey Sam,
    Looks like you're there in one piece - and nice dance moves - expect a repeat performance at home. Hope the building work is fun! Looks very different to desert here in Namibia.
    Love Dad and Nadia

  5. Hey Harri- liking the dance moves in the photo. Glad you are all safe and getter settled. Get ready for that building work all...

  6. Ps. Lydon says he’s missing you x

  7. Hi Bea - Mum and Dad here - pictures are great - looking forward to ones of you all working!

  8. Hi Samuel!
    From your Dad: “It sounds like you have an important job to do with the toilets! Better get started.”
    From Mom: “The welcome sounded so incredibly sweet! I hope your camera lasts for some good photos. It looks as though you may need to work on your dance moves, however.”
    Lots of love, Mom & Dad

  9. I hope Kate didn’t give them her whole song book - how much Ed Sheeran does Babati need?! Also hope that the first day’s shovelling went well.... ��x