Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A big day

Salamu parents! We are writing this at the end of a long day which began with an early start if porridge. Todays, market team included Sean, Luke and Sam Bailey who went to buy fruit and gifts for our hosts in the afternoon. While the team, under Fionas capable leadership and Aime├ęs medical skills, continues on the project, painting then erecting the hand washing stations. 

At break we re-grouped to devour Helena's gorgeous chapatis and finished our work day early to go on a community walk. When we nearly reached the house of our hosts we were serenaded by about 2 dozen members of the tribe, vibrantly dressed and chanting in Swahili. We joined in, with impressive dance skills from Pieter and Simon and we were ushered to a row of benches by a number of smiling elders. 

After a short welcome by the two hosting brothers and the community council, we were invited to introduce our finest Swahili- "Shikamone gina lango.." Following that we were presented with a fine spread of various Tanzanian dishes that included a number of textures- 'the texture of this is like slime' - Kate. To our surprise, spoons become a rarity and we resorted to eating our food with our hands, discovering exotic ingredients such as kidneys. 

After lunch, we had an opportunity to ask and answer questions through our well spoken translator Yohanna, where the locals were shocked by our outrageous British taxes, in particular inheritance tax. Julian, the founder of LTT, brought up key issues of gender equality and deforestation which were met by mixed responses. 

With a final dance we returned to the school: showered and played with a few kids. A Tanzanian spa was created and opended where hair washing took place and a chain of hair brushing was formed. Simon was able to display his talents of combing Fionas hair, which lead to Bea while she read and Aimee at the back. Although gender roles seem set in Tanzania, Sean's wise words meant Simon wasn't discriminated against- 'it's important to get in touch with your feminine side'. 

Spirits continue to remain high with Craig David, Marvin Gaye and Ben E King constantly being harmonised and imaginary ping pong getting competitive. 

Sean, Sam Barrett & Kate


  1. Pieter can you please get the chapati recipe from Helena? It sounds like chapati making in Babati is a lot more successful than your valiant efforts in Mulranny.

    Did anyone get a photo of Pieter’s tribal dancing? We’d love to see it.......

  2. Interesting to see the pictures of the community and glad the rain seems to have held off today although it does look rather cloudy. Never knew Simon was so versatile - building, dancing and now hairdressing, wow what next?

  3. Oh my gosh, what a great blog and terrific pictures! I think you will all miss Tanzania (and we back in Britain will have to take up Swahili / dancing / chapatis / kidney / eating with our hands / hair brushing chains / building toilets... So much to do, so little time.
    (P.S. Hey Samuel B, way to get out of project work...go shopping! Clearly I have taught you a thing or 2.)

  4. Sean, next time you go to the market can you buy me a souvenir please?

  5. Hi Luke, can't believe your trip is 75% over! I hope you are all keeping your working spirit up and enjoying every moment! Love from mum, dad and little Paul.

  6. Hi Bea - wow, what an amazing day!!! Will enjoy sharing it with Grandma when I see her later today and will be sure to give her big hugs and kisses from you. Mum xxx

  7. Hi Ben - certainly sounds a fabulous day. How wonderful the community have been - we would love to see a video of you all dancing I bet it's one for you tube. I'm sure you embraced the food and look forward to hearing if you have any new favourite dishes ... Keep up the good work ... Love mum and dad xxx

  8. Hello Fiona, looks like all is going well on the building front, great to see the walls going up so fast. Dada is still fretting on the laying out as with my veg bed! Wednesday looked like a great experience you are getting into the rhythm, and some much needed rain too. I have had a shovel in hand as well filling in the track at Carthvean Farm with Naomi. Shepherds hut now watertight and cat flap sorted for Trick. I put the tent up, no room in hut!!
    Two days in the mist and one day sun, Bumble did the vanishing trick many times but always came back finally, he hopped up on a wall by the orchard to investigate only to be greeted by a line of pink and grey piggy ears and snouts, he backed down sharpish. Surf was up, over 4ft waves at Poldhu Cove but we were just walking Bumble thankfully. Back home now in the mist. Can't wait to hear all you've been up to, keep up the good work. Love M & D

  9. Hi Isla,
    I really hope you are enjoying the dancing. We have an anniversary today. Mum is celebrating 30 years at the FT. 30 years! You can have another little dance to celebrate.
    We also have all of the milk you haven't been drinking piling up in the fridge so you have that to look forward to as well. It's proper winter here now - rain, wind and all of that other stuff. We both miss you.
    Love Dad.

  10. Hey Sam,
    Great blog- seems like you are all making lots of progress. Good to see there's real cultural interchange going on - funny how where ever you live tax is an issue. So kidney risotto!?!?
    Dad and Nadia

  11. Hi Harri, are you still on the trip?. Not seeing too many pics or mentions in the blog? Have you booked yourself into the local spa? Missing you lots and can’t wait to hear your stories first hand. Lots of love Mary mark lydon and pops xxx